NPU provide in-house MySQL server to let students practice.


(1) You must be active student or faculty

(2) You must be enrolled in Database classes

(3) You will use on campus&WiFi account(Computer account) to login to server

How to access? is the MySQL server name

1 Login to 
For Windows:
     Download Putty from
     Type "" as the host name:               
Please use on campus Lab computer / WiFi credentials to login      

For Mac OS:
(1) Open "Terminal" (You can type "terminal" in search bar)
(2) Type the command: ssh <Your username>
(3) Enter the password
Here you will use the "computer account" which we sent to you earlier to login.

Please remember that you are allowed to try 3 times and then you will be locked. Please contact if you need to reset password or get locked.

2 Connect to MySQL
     Type the command:
     mysql -u <Your username> -p
     Here <Your username> is your MySQL username

     Then choose database
     Type the command:
      use <Your database>;

      Here <Your database> is your database name