Q: How do I access assignment assessment that has been submitted to an instructor from the Dashboard?

A: Follow these steps:

  1. From within the Dashboard, click the View Assessment button that corresponds with the assessed assignment.
  2. The Latest Submission tab will open with all submitted artifacts, including LiveText documents, URLs, attachments, and comments.

To View General Grades and Comments

Grades and general comments automatically display on the right of the student submission status box.

To View Assessment Rubric Scoring

From the Latest Submission tab, click the View Rubric Scores button in the student submission status box.
  1. Select your rubric if there are multiple rubrics.
  2. The rubrics container populates on top of the active browser window.You have the ability to undock the rubrics container for more convenient viewing.
  3. Users will then see all rubric scoring provided by their instructor.
  4. To view rubric descriptions in the assessment rubric, click the Show/Hide Rubric Descriptions button.
  5. Click the icon to close the tab.
To see the descriptions in the assessment, click on the Show/Hide Rubric Descriptions button.

To View Document-level, Page-level, Section-level, and Text-level Comments

  1. From the Latest Submission page, click the submitted LiveText Document(s) under Artifacts.
  2. Comments made at Document, Page, and Section-levels will display automatically.
  3. Text-level comments appear as icons.Click the icon to view the comment.