NPUNet Account

NPUNet provides access to computers, servers, network printers & shared drives on campus. The faculty NPUNet account is created automatically for faculty who is on the university payroll. The user account can be used to access following services:

  • Classroom computers across the campus
  • Linux Servers
  • Wireless Network
  • Digital Library Proxy ( )
  • Printing Service

Your NPUNet Username is mostly firstname.lastname, e.g. john.smith for John Smith

Faculty Portal 

Your Faculty Portal User ID is as same as your NPUNet username although the password is different. To get a new password, click on the Forgot My Password link. To change your password once you are logged into your faculty portal, go to My System Profile, Change Password.

Email (Gmail & G Suite)

Gmail is a subsection of Google's G Suite, which also provides access to several systems including Google Drive, Calendar, Sites, Groups & Contacts.

For additional information on any of the individual applications within Google Apps, click on the Settings icon and choose Help and enter the item for which you would like more information. 

LiveText access

You can access your LiveText account at

Wireless access

The University wireless network is accessed utilizing your NPUNet Username & password. 

For more information on using WiFi, visit the

Course/Lab account access

NPUNet provides following account for specific courses/lab, please contact IT support at for more detail information.

  • Oracle account

  • Microsoft Dreamspark account ( Engineering School Faculty )

  • Amazon AWS Academy account

  • VMware Academy Program account (Engineering School Faculty )

  • Oracle Academy account

  • SAP account

For further assistance please contact the IT Support. Call (510) 779-3018 or email