Faculty can use any on-campus computers to print with faculty computer account with no charge. 

Printing Quota:

Faculty's printing quota is set to 200 pages a week. If you need print more or already out of quota, please check with our library service desk to adjust your quota.

1. First check to see if you meet the following requirements:

  • Must have sufficient funds in your computer account. If not, please ask the librarian to deposit funds in your computer account at the library service counter. 

2. Use any of the computers in the classrooms or computers in West Building Lobby (in front of RM211) to print your document.

3. Open the document that you need to print.

4. From the printer’s drop down menu select NPUNet-FacultyPrinter.


5. In the Printer Settings, select how you want to print your document. The paper size only accepted by 8.5” X 11”

6. Finally, select the number of copies you want printed and then click on the Print icon:

7. You can collect your prints from the printer in the West Building Lobby.