We have 2 Oracle SQL servers

  • npu8.npu.edu( – For CS457 users only
  • npu9.npu.edu( – For CS540 and CS547 users only

We take npu8.npu.edu as an example:

1. Open Putty

2. Type in hostname in the “Host Name” box, then press “Open”

For CS457 users, please type in npu8.npu.edu

For CS540 and CS547 users, please type in npu9.npu.edu

3. Enter your computer account credentials under “Login as”

4. Once logged in, type sqlplus and hit enter

5. It will ask you for your SQL username which will be CS(Course number)_STUDENT ID

6. If this is your first time logging in to the SQL Server, the password will be changeme

You can start to practice!!