1. Download “SAP GUI” from http://npu85.npu.edu/~itm/

2. Follow the path: User>Downloads>SAPGuiWIN32>WIN32

3. Click “SetupALL”

4. Click “Extract all”

5. Choose your path to extract the file by clicking “Browse”, then click “Extract”

6. Extract the file to your local computer

7. Open the folder “WIN32”, click “SetupAll”

8. Click “Run”

9. Click “Next”

10. Check the box in front of “SAP GUI for Windows 7.10”, then click “Next”

11. SAP client is installing

12. SAP client finish installation

13. Click “SAP Logon”, then click “Run”

14. Click “New Item”

15. In Create New System Entry, click “Next”

16. Configure SAP client to the server:

     (1) Connection Type:  Customer Application Server

     (2) Under System Connection Parameters:

  • Description:                     npu28
  • Application Server:         sap28.npu.edu
  • System Number:             00
  • System ID:                        P01
  • SAProuter String:            (Leave blank)

    (3) Click "Next"


17. Click “Finish”

18. You will see “npu28” in the SAP Logon, choose”npu28”, then click “Log On”

19. You are in the SAP client now:

     (1) Client:    145

     (2) Type your username and password to log on

Notice: You can get the login credentials from your instructor, if you cannot access or the account has been locked (3 times failure will be locked), please feel free contact npusystem@npu.edu.